About Indonesian Textiles

Indonesia produces a wide variety of textiles and they range in quality and value based upon a few key variables:

  • Type of yarn used
    • Hand-spun (labor intensive and expensive)
    • High quality imported cotton and silk yarn (called "Masrias", "Sutra"  or "Dobby")
    • Normal "Biasa" yarn.
This is what high-quality Masrais yarn produces with natural dyes
Natural dyed ikat with high quality masrias yarn
  • Coloring agent, Natural dyes "Alami" or commercial dyes "Industri".   I primarily deal with Alami, or naturally dyed pieces.   If a piece is not naturally dyed it will be clearly mentioned in the listing.
  • Pattern technique.   Most of the Indonesian textiles you will find on my site are produced with the Ikat "tying" dye-resist technique.

Overall the items you will find here are at the higher end of the quality spectrum.   If you are looking for inexpensive pieces produced with modern techniques you are looking in the wrong place.   My mission is to support the artisan weavers and help them find markets for their products.   

Hand-spun natural dyes produce rich color tones.

Natural dye Savu ikat, produces rich color tones

But it takes time.....