Creating Connections

 Savu Island, Perdero Village, hands-spun cotton Ikat Hinggi textiles


Hi I'm Julius, and I really enjoy travelling to remote islands to support the local people by helping them market their products globally.   This shop is intended to provide a link to the personal stories to the people who make these products.  My goal is to provide empowering tools to the weavers to help them achieve fair prices for their goods and foster traditional weaving arts and artisans.

Textiles are an integral part of the cultural traditions of the places I source them.  Helping the weavers obtain good prices and encouraging them to use traditional techniques is my objective.

Each of the textiles on this site has a story behind it and a personal link with the person who made it.    The people who weave these textiles are strong wonderful people with a deep sense of culture.    These textiles are highly valued culturally by the people who make them and in many cases it is difficult to buy them because of their importance as status symbols, ceremonial usage etc.    Generally when they are for sale it is to fulfill basic life needs.   My mission is to help these people stay healthy and productive and to educate their children.    Reading glasses, cell phones and health insurance coverage are things they need and I provide to them with the proceeds from your purchases.


 Traditional weaving on Ndao island in Indonesia, producing natural dyed ikat