Ndao Weavers on Rote and Ndao

Rote and Ndao Islands


Cendana is a wonderful lady and skilled weaver.   She lives on Ndao Island where she and her daughters produce beautiful products with natural dyes.  She frequently visits her sister Paulina on Rote to deliver her latest products.   Her family on Ndao produce many of the natural pigments used in the dyes.

Cendana from Ndao Island a talented weaver


Paulina Kotten

Paulina Kotten is Cendana's sister and lives on the island of Rote a 1.5 hour boat journey away.   She is a wonderful person and makes high quality naturally dyed textiles.   She has a small shop on the side of the road in Nemberala which is worth a visit if you are ever in Rote.   She has a big family and everyone helps out with the weaving.

Her mother does lots of the tying ("Ikat") work and she does the weaving.   She is one of the few women who can work with an extra wide 36 inch loom producing single panel produces of high quality.   Her family if very inspiring. Handloom weaving in Rote Indonesia, natural dyed ikat textilesWorking together to make Ikat handwoven textiles using natural dyes in Rote, Indonesia


Hedi and Marhya Loesana

Hedi and Marhya are sisters who originally are from Ndao island but currently live and work in Nemberala on Rote where Hedi's daughter attends school.   They are a very talented team.   Marhya enjoys tying the patterns and Hedi enjoys weaving.   Very kind and gentle souls.   They produce both traditional and contemporary designs and their house is always very lively and fun to visit.

Natural dye ikat textile being made in Nemberala Rote, Indonesia

 Ikat process, tying the pattern into the warp yarn



 Berta works together with Hedi and Marhya and produce similar innovative designs as well as traditional motifs.   She enjoys trying out new materials and designs.



Martin and Hedy in their workshop.

 Ikat workshop Rote Indonesia, natural dyes

 Sofia Killi, Nemberala, Rote

Sofia Killi, Nemberala, Rote